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Where It All Started

My name is Cameron Cooke and I have been photography professionally since 2015, but way before then I have had an interest in the camera and taking photographs. I remember back to a family trip away to Yamba on the New South Wales North Coast, my parents gave me a small cheap film camera and I was snap happy. taking photos of absolutely everything...... what a pest I must have been, I can just picture this blonde haired little boy running around caravan parks clicking the camera and setting the flash off. Being so eager to see these photos I have a feeling that I may have lost half of them by exposing the film to the sun light. 

Fast forward 12 years and I picked up my first SLR camera as a subject in art at Green Point Christian College. This is where it probably started for me, being able to use the darkroom to expose my own film, and enjoy be able to capture moments. Unfortunately for me, I did not own a slr or dslr camera for myself. This meant that I could not continue pursuing this new found interest, however it did mean that I finished school in 2008 in year 10 to chase my other interest which is the automotive industry. I did start my career as an apprentice mechanic with Holden, shortly followed by a transition to Spare parts also with Holden. After a couple of years working in the industry, I started to realise that it was not for me, It became even clearer after roadtrip to a friends wedding down in Bendigo when I bought myself a camera and began capturing the landscape when I was out and about, camping, walking.

It was like a hit over the head, I forgot just how much I enjoyed being behind the camera. I felt like my feet were planted firmly on terms that I understood, The passion came flowing back and I was inspired again. After the road trip, I put the camera down and kind of forgot about it. I took the odd photo here and there but lost the inspiration, a year or two past, I received gift. These gift would be the major influencer to get back into and keep the passion going, Im thankful to my parents for a chance to spend time shooting in a workshop and really grasped the fundamentals of the camera. 

After the fundamentals were established I left the dealership and pursued a career in automotive accessories and spend the spare time pursuing more knowledge behind the camera. during this time I launched CMC Photography. Not knowing where life and my passion would lead, Its been one of the greatest on-going journeys that Ive experienced. From photographing my first wedding to becoming a sub-contract photographer for a well established media group, helping out on photography workshop.

I look forward to the journey ahead, and keen for you to follow me on this journey. My blogs will consists of product reviews, trips, photography fundaments, and just my general thoughts. 

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