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Reflection on Religion

We learn throughout life that our mind is always ticking over thinking about ourselves, our generation is the “me” generation, we are always thinking how we can look better then the people around us (instagram, facebook) then with the modern technology we are also the impatient generation, everything is at our finger tips. don’t get me wrong it's great but its a curse.

we grow up expecting gratification from everyone around us by showing people our highlight reels, and then when you have a crappy day you feel down and depressed like nothing really matters because people only like to share their good things and that’s all you read about.

Now, what if you don’t need to view other people's highlight reels? what would it look like. Well there is the Big Man, and I’m not talking about bigfoot, but i am talking about God. after all he does say I AM.

A few ways that have changed the way I view my God.

The great Judge, throughout the bible we learn the God is the Good Judge Right? So does a good judge let a crook off for murdering someone because of their good deeds? NO he does not, in fact that’s a real long time in prison here, but if you were to do murder in the US its death row. - your life is now over, all your dreams ruined and lies in ashes, and family broken and in sorrow. Now while the good judge is passing over this sentence, the courtroom doors bust open, this man rushes in and screams STOP, the person you are sentencing, Loves me, calls me his own, and believes in me. Let me take his punishment, let me die for his misdoings.

Thats true love right there is it not. your best friend running in to die for you.

This is the heart of God, he wants to spend time sowing into your lives, he wants to break you free from all the pain of your past, all the lies and shame and guilt is no longer with christ. he calls you out of the grave and to step into his grace where he can save you.

So what does this have to do with your identity, well If you choose a relationship with God, you grow each and everyday with him, you learn your value and your true identity. God will always embrace you in pain/suffering and joy. He calls you out as his own child,

A child you hear me say… okay let's be honest who thinks that a child.. when i thought about this it took me a while to wrap my head around but a child is someone that is completely dependant on their parents to supply and care for them. so lets say kids under the age 10. Now what are they really good at? the love being heard, screaming when in pain and unfiltered and legit can be pretty annoying.

God calls us to be like this when we go to him, he wants the rawness of your heart to cry out when in pain, he wants to hear about your whole day, he wants to hear that you’re amazed by the sun rising up. he wants an open dialogue with you.

and as we grow like children with God we learn that through prayer and conversation with christ our relationship builds and your faith grows. God has designed you in the likeness of himself - the lord that created everything around us took the time to put the hairs on your hear and love you before you were even thought. If you feel alone today, guess what you’re not the lord wants you to know that he loved you before the start of time and will forever love you.

Now, God says if your faith is the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains, So if you believe that christ has died for you and confess with you tongue that he is lord of lord then as you come to God you can ask in faith to help you and be with you. God has entrusted his power to us that Jesus can perform miracles through us.

Some people get to the stage of life that they go i know God, he is my lord when i want him to be. I love on a Friday night at a youth group and maybe on a Sunday, but I’m ashamed to be standing for him during me week… now get ready this is gonna hurt, its gonna be a paddling. that’s the worst thing you can do, God says in revelations 3:16 “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!” you are either for him or not at all.

I'll put my hand up and say that i lived a life of lukewarmness for a few years while growing up, i was trying to be accepted in the social groups i was apart of, church on the weekends and parties at nights. It took me along time to realise that my life was pointless because whatever i did i felt worthless, I screamed out to God for a change and since then its been flipped. He took my brokenness and flushed it down the dunny.

I was made perfect in christ, God says - I am loved

- I am built in the image of christ

- I am powerful

- I am Patient

- I am courageous

- I am forgiven

- I am a son of God

- I am a Child

- I am gifted

- I am restored in glory

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