Elderslie Brdige - Acrylic

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The Elderslie Bridge over the Hunter River is about 7 km from Branxton.

It replaced a low-level bridge washed away in 1887.

Construction is of continuous lattice girder comprising three spans of 43, 55, and 43 metres, with approach spans of approximately 10 metres each. The bridge sits upon concrete-filled iron cyclinder piers, about 20 metres above average water level. The roadway at time of construction was 18 feet (5.5 metres) kerb to kerb.

Made from imported iron, the superstructure used 290 tons (imperial, approx = tonne) and the piers 170 tons.

We use 3mm ultra-clear, high-quality acrylic to achieve the best clarity, as this is a very important factor in achieving amazing brilliance in the colours and overall depth of the acrylic print. Unlike low quality acrylic, ours gives more protection from UV radiation, meaning that the colours will stay vibrant for a long time.

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